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Our Brand ethos is all about Reusing & Recycling to help our planet!

When you’re finished with your Baby Muslins why not send them into Charity, hand them down to other new mums or checkout out the links below for FUN & CREATIVE creative ways to reuse them!


Fabric Coil Pots!

These pots are so great for storage! You can make them in various sizes, so you could always mix and match muslins, bed sheets, clothes, baby grows that aren't quite good enough to pass on! I've linked two pages below with instructions on how to hand sew or machine sew them great pots! 

They also make a lovely keep sake from your little ones first few months on this wonderful planet! 


Dribble Bibs!

Another great one to pass on to Charity or other new mums!


If you’d like to recycle your Dribble Bibs please drop us an email for a postage label and you pop them back to us in the post! 

The poppers can be melted back down to make new items and the fabric can be repurposed!

I work at a local school where we recycle plastics to create new materials for the students projects! We melt the plastics down and create flat sheets for laser cutting, blocks for carving on the lathe and we can even set them into moulds! And any scraps are melted down again so nothing is wasted!

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