Potato, Onion or Garlic storage sacks. Made in 100% cotton breathable Robyn Northover Design Fabric. These sacks are lined with breathable blackout anti weed (UV resistant) to preserve your vegetables for longer and they look great!  

Store in a cool dry place these bags with help to prevent your potato, onions and garlic from sprouting and turning as quickly.

The draw string opening allow easy access and the option of hanging the bags. They also feature small gaps at each end of the opening to encourage air flow.

Available in Large perfect for your tatties and large onions! Small ideal for shallot or garlic! Remember to store your veg varieties separately!

Dirty? These bags are lined with delicate anti weed so please hand wash only.

Currently available in Succulent Print or Wildlife print.

Antiweed Potato & Onion Storage Sack


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